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Successful Birmingham Personal Websites have purpose behind every aspect of the design.
The main goal of Siterighter® is to increase both your websites Search Engine visibility. Siterighter® Small Business Website Design, Personal Website, and Hosting Plan communicates your site through what is known as Search Engine Optimization. I have not done my job until your Personal Website, or, Small Business Website earns a top 10 Google search return. As a Small Business Website host with Siterighter®, I place your Website on a computer which is connected to the internet. This gives internet users a way to access your Website. That system is typically just like the computer you have at home, the only difference being that it is set up to serve up Websites and is therefore called a server. Nothing, Small Business Website Design, Website Hosting, Personal Website design, or Website Search Engine Optimization, is "farmed out " to any place beyond the United States of America. At Siterighter® I host every Small Business Website through in Arizona.

A correct website is a process. You probably have a good idea of what you want. It involves more than "drag and drop" projects quickly posted. It involves planning and patience. I will ask you questions you haven't considered yet. It doesn't matter how pretty your Small Business, or Personal Website is, or how well it communicates your products, services, or ideas, unless it can be found by searchers. Many people might only have a basic idea about your business, or services. In many circles the solution to doubt, or confusion is "Google it". How will people describe you to a search engine? Example; imagine you open a new business supplying parts for sewing machines. People have heard good things about your new business. But they don't know who are, or your location. What will they enter into a search engine to find you? That is my forte'. At Siterighter® Small Business Website Design and Host I write the code that brings your websites information, pictures, products, and services into a top 10 ranking with Google.

I classify many here as artists. Google® the word "artist", or ask Dan (Daniel Webster)
Gospel Music Groups with 501(c)(3) status will be listed free at the top

International Space Station....LIVE

When, and where to look, to see the ISS

The ISS travels between 240 and 270 miles above Earth
It circles us about 15.5 times per day
When you see it or contact it, keep in mind
that it is moving at 17,500 mph

Your Health :I will post these videos as they arrive.
This information is valuable and correct

Pastor Steve Longenecker

Missionary Friends

Ken Lambert , Son Shine Recording

Our Planet is Sooooooooo Tiny, Louie Gigleo

Birminghams Unique Automobiles

Nassrin Saves Dogs

Soulshine Creation, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Not Tattoo ink

More Alabama fame BESIDES FOOTBALL

Coffee Table Sea Life

Old Beach Aerial Photos

Hooney's Auto Sales

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Very early and clear aerial photos of Baldwin County, Alabama

Shocco Springs Training

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website design, seo, birmingham, ala
website design, Birmingham, Alabama
birmingham website design, website hosting, website search engine optimization, seo
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website design and search engine optimization, seo, birmingham, alabama

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website design, website search engine optimization, seo, birmingham, al

website design and search engine optimization, seo, birmingham, al.

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