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Many people like the idea of designing their own website. There are several good templates available for that. We can do it that way or I can design the website for you. However that happens, I want to let your website get found. My fee, $500, is due when I have your website showing up within the top 10 Google search returns.
I will host your website and maintain your websites top 10 spot with Google Search Returns for $25 per month

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Birmingham, Alabama

Correct Website Design and Search Engine Optimization allows you to tell your story to the entire world. Siterighter® Website Design and Search Engine Optimization leads your visitors to information that is most important to your company. Your website might have all the latest bells and whistles but none of that will matter if people looking for your products, ideas, and services can't find you. That is the value of proper Search Engine Optimization

The main goal of Siterighter® Website Design and Search Engine Optimization
is to increase your Websites visibility

Siterighter® Website Design and Search Engine Optimization communicates your Website through what is known as Search Engine Optimization, (SEO). Customers have an increased sense of credibility towards a Website Design and Search Engine Optimization plan that is prominently displayed in Google Search Engine (SEO) results. Some people buy (rent) the words and phrases they think searchers will use. I have never done that. Doing that allows anyone to offer more money to the Website Design and Search Engine Optimization company than you paid for the key words and phrases, taking possession of the words at any time. To regain position you are enter into a bidding war. I simply write the code Google wants to see. Google is not the only Search Engine Optimization company but consider this;

"Google" is now officially a verb in the OxfordEnglish Dictionary

Google is already a verb in some other dictionaries, but the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is considered the most authoritative dictionary of the English language.June 29, 2006

Most browsers show 10 website returns per page. Some personal Websites or small business Websites have paid to be listed in the top. A "payer" might be a good reliable website. They are identified by the little yellow "ad" notice to the left of their url. As a Website Design and Search Engine Optimization specialist, I place your Website on a computer connected to the internet. This allows internet users a way to access your Website. The computer used by the hosting company is typically just like the computer you have at home, the only difference being that it is set up to serve up websites and is therefore called a server. Nothing involving Website Design, Website Hosting, or Search Engine Optimization, is "farmed " to any place beyond the United States of America. I use in Arizona for all of my Website Hosting and Search Engine Optimization posting. I do not entertain situations involving robots or people in foriegn countries pretending to be "Robert" .

Siterighter® builds a strong, affordable internet presence for your
website that COMMUNICATES

I have not done my job until your WEBSITE

I do not use cookie cutter templates. I use Adobe Dreamweaver software for my Website Design and Search Engine Optimization coding allowing complete control of every pixel and every line of html code. Together, you and I agree upon every aspect of your Websites communication and how Search Engines will locate your Website. At that point you can take the Website and run, OR, you can let me allow the Website to rank a top 10 Google search return placement. It doesn't matter how pretty your Personal Website, or, Small Business Website is, or how well the Website communicates your products, services, or ideas, unless it can be found by the search engine.

I include a discount on graphic design services and printing.
® also provides business cards, brochures, flyers, signs,
custom Tee Shirts, name tags, banners, auto magnets and more.

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website design, seo, birmingham, ala
website design, Birmingham, Alabama
birmingham website design, website hosting, website search engine optimization, seo
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website design and search engine optimization, seo, birmingham, alabama

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website design, website search engine optimization, seo, birmingham, al


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